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Fed up of your dog ruining your lawn?

If you've got a patchy lawn, it's probably lawn burn caused by your dog. You can always tell where they've been to the toilet!

Don't worry! Having a dog doesn't mean you have to settle for less than perfect lawn and did you know Healthy Paws premium dog food can help stop lawn burn? In this blog, we'll talk you through some of the key facts and misconceptions about lawn burn and explain how Healthy Paws can prevent all those unsightly patches. We'll also throw in a few more tips to help keep your lawn in tip top condition and ready for the summer.

lawn burn

What is lawn burn?

Lawn burn happens when your dog urinates on the lawn, resulting in yellow, brown or dead patches developing over time. A common misconception is that the grass is damaged because of the acidity in the urine is too high, but this isn't true. It's caused by the high concentration of nitrogen (ammonia) in your dog's urine that burns or kills the grass.

The high levels of nitrogen occur because of your dog's protein diet, which break down through a natural digestive process to produce nitrogen and is then deposited as waste through urine and faeces. Protein is really good for dogs and a key requirement for a healthy and nutritious diet. It's also important to know that the high levels of nitrogen won't harm your dog, but they will harm your lawn!

If you're a keen gardener, you'll know that nitrogen is actually really good for plants and grass. However, while some nitrogen is good for lawns, the high amount in a dog's urine, is actually too high, causing lawn burn and killing the grass. 

Another misconception is that it's only female dogs that cause the damage to your lawn. That's not true either. Both males and females will create lawn burn, but where dogs will spray over wider areas, females tend to create more lawn damage when they squat and create a more concentrated pool of urine.

How do I put a stop to lawn burn?

Here's four top tips to help you put a stop to lawn burn and enjoy a healthier-looking lawn as well as a happy, healthy dog.

TIP 1: Feed your dog a Healthy Paws diet!

Did you know that all of our Healthy Paws recipes contain an ingenious natural active ingredient that lowers the concentration of nitrogen in your dog's urine to help prevent lawn burn. With its special cluster of ingredients including herbs, vegetables and just the right amount of DL-Methionine, it's tried and tested to work.

TIP 2: Keep your grass well hydrated.

Regularly water your lawn to keep the grass well hydrated. This will help to dilute the urine and any nitrogen and help the grass to grow back.

TIP 3: Try some reward-based training.

Train your dog with some reward-based training to go to the toilet in a designated area away from your lawn that's out of sight.

TIP 4: Take a regular early morning walk.

Take your dog out for a walk first thing in the morning, as this is typically when they need to go to the toilet most and will help break the habit of using your lawn as a toilet.


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