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Pets truly are amazing. Nobody fully understands the love you can share with a pet, until they have one. Pets not only provide so much joy and fun times, but are also the most loyal companion you’ll probably ever have. In this blog we will be discussing pets and why we love them so much as well as reasons and ways to appreciate them this National Pet Day.

There are many different reasons why we, humans love our pets. Here are 7 that we’ve come up with, but we’re certain the list is endless!

1. Good for your health

Pets are known to be good for our mental health. They offer great companionship which is a great way for people to reduce their anxiety and stress. They’re the reason we get up in the morning, keep us going, keep us active and make us happy. Pets can also boost your self-confidence, they don’t judge you and are also great listeners, especially if you’re feeling lonely.

2. They're fun

Apart from being your furry best friend, pets can provide us with endless amount of fun. Dogs are a great example of how fun pets can truly be. Simply because they enjoy playing so much, they love to chase, tug, wrestle, roll and run about, leap and jump. Pets can also be super funny with what they do which provides us with so much pleasure and laughter.

3. Provide comfort

Scientifically proven, pets can slow a person’s heart rate, breathing, reduce their blood pressure and help to create a sense of calm. Pets have many positive benefits for us humans, some may even see them as a real life therapy comfort. They also provide us with lots of physical comfort too, dogs love to snuggle up close next to their owners.

4. Companionship

Pets, especially dogs and cats provide their humans with undivided companionship. Particularly for people who live on their own, or spend a lot of their day on their own, having a dog or cat to care for and spend their time with can provide a wonderful, valuable companionship. Companionship is so important for us humans as it keep our brains and body active and ultimately prevents any loneliness or social isolation.

5. Unconditional love

Unconditional love is the type of love someone has for you that is not based on how you behave. And that is exactly the type of love that pets have for humans, and especially their owners. Pets show their love for you in many different ways. For example, dogs may jump up to you when they see you, most definitely wag their tails and might even lick your face. This is them showing that they have missed you and are happy to see you.

6. Give us purpose

Pets are a responsibility. You have to look after them, feed them, care for them, walk them and show them affection. This gives us a sense of purpose. Especially for the elderly, it gives them that motivation to get up earlier and do what needs to be done leaving them feeling like they have a sense of purpose.

7. They're cute

Most importantly, they’re cute. Nothing more needs to be said on that subject!

Ways to appreciate your dog this National Pet Day

  • Cook a pet-friendly meal
  • Play their favourite games
  • Buy them a new toy
  • Take your dog on a new, fun walk
  • Spend the whole day together
  • Snuggle together

Stats on pets in the UK 2022

59% of households or 17 million households in the UK own pets

Total of 34 million domestic animals in these 17 million households

Dogs are the most popular pet with 12.5 million in the UK households

Cats come a close 2nd with 12.2 million in the UK households

2% of the UK own indoor birds

5 million fish tanks in UK households

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed, with 12% ownership in 2018

2% of UK households acquired a pet during the COVID-19 pandemic

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