About Us

Healthy Paws premium dog food was founded ten years ago with one aim in mind - to provide a more natural, hypoallergenic. balanced diet for dogs using only the finest natural ingredients. You will not find any by-products, animal derivatives, artificial colourings, preservatives and additives in any of our recipes; each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide particular nutritional benefit for the dog.

Our feeding philosophy is shaped by years of veterinary experience during which time we recognised that many ailments suffered by dogs were the result of being fed a poor diet. In many cases symptoms could be alleviated or even cured by feeding a more natural and hypoallergenic diet.

Healthy Paws began with two recipes, Game and Millet plus Rabbit and Brown Rice which provided alternative protein and carbohydrate sources not commonly found on the market at that time. Our focus was to produce a nutritionally balanced dog food to complement this.

Our commitment to continue the great work and philosophy of Healthy Paws saw huge investment in 2015 which led to the development of new recipes enabling us to offer a full life stage range of products including Puppy, two new Adult flavours, and Senior/Light.

Here at Healthy Paws we continue to strive to provide perfectly balanced delicious diets which promote healthy skin and shiny coat, great digestion, firmer and fewer stools all resulting in a healthy, happy pet and owner.

Natural Hypoallergenic Diet For Dogs

Our nutritionists have worked really hard to develop a range of hypoallergenic dog food that contains not only wholesome natural ingredients but those that have a real benefit to the well-being of your dog.

Adult Dogs - Game & Millet

Aids Flea and Worm Prevention

Contains a unique blend of herbs and vegetables aiding the prevention of flea and worm infestation.

Reduced Flatulence

The insoluble fibre and pre-biotic nature of millet aids good intestinal health helping to reduce flatulence.

Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

Naturally high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants supporting the immune system and urinary tract.

Reduced Flatulence

The insoluble fibre and pre-biotic nature of millet aids good intestinal health helping to reduce flatulence.

Helps Prevent Lawn Burn

A cluster of special natural ingredients helps to limit the amount of ammonia which is the cause of lawn burn.

Ideal For Smaller Breeds

Smaller crunchy kibble promoting good oral health in smaller dogs.


Completely Balanced Natural Nutrition

Healthy Paws was originally founded by a Veterinary Nurse whose special interest was in nutrition. Since 2015, Healthy Paws has become part of the Happy Pet group of brands which has enabled us to further invest in developing new and exciting recipes which retain the holistic values of the original brand.

Healthy Paws now offers a greater choice of pack sizes and flavours with which to tempt their pets