Posted on by claire mccarthy

Whilst holidays abroad this summer still might not be possible, you might be planning a camping trip and taking your much loved dog with you! Camping is an ideal getaway to take the dog on as it involves a lot of walking and other perfect activities for them- including exploring!

There are many things to consider when taking your dog camping, especially if it's their first time. We've put together some pointers to help you out.


There are lots of dog-friendly camping sites in the UK, so choosing one of these would be perfect for your dog. Not only this, but you need to consider the journey. How far away is the place you're travelling to, will your dog be able to cope being in a car for that long?

The weather is another factor to consider. If you're travelling to somewhere that is considerably warmer, consider if your dog will be able to cope with the warmer weather. Especially being inside a tent or caravan, these small spaces can become very hot and harder to cool down. Dogs should never be left alone in here.


You might find when it comes to packing, that your dog might need some extra things compared to going to a hotel. A few things you should definitely take on your camping trip are:

  1. Doggy first aid kit
  2. Plenty of poo bags
  3. Enough food and snacks to last them the entire trip
  4. Lots of toys for them
  5. A waterproof bed and blankets for cooler nights
  6. A water bowl and a spare lead

It's probably a sensible idea if you get some contacts of local vets in case of any emergencies or accidents.

Keeping Busy

Dogs love walking, and there are many beautiful countryside walks in the UK, but dogs can't walk forever! Your dog might want to try out another dog-friendly activity whilst you're away, or even perhaps they'd just like to play with you. Make sure you provide your dog with plenty of different opportunities and entertainment.