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Vets and pet shops are often asked about health problems or issues which actually have a direct link to the quality of food your dog is being fed.  At Healthy Paws, there’s a reason why we include every element of the recipe and why we specify a particular quantity of food – it’s all designed to alleviate everyday problems and to keep your dog as healthy as possible.







Creating the ideal recipes is not just a case of palatability, we add specific herbs and ingredients to our complete meal choices so that these everyday problems can be avoided. 

Watch Otto our recent Facebook video competition winner making a beeline for his Healthy Paws breakfast!

Here’s a handy checklist which will help you to ensure your dog is as healthy as possible - when you know what’s causing the problem, you are empowered to solve it:

Too much protein being fed, or poor quality protein being fed causes:

Tear Staining

Ear Wax

Doggy Odour

Ammonia causes:

Wet Doggy Smell

Grass Burn on your lawn







A cluster of special natural ingredients in Healthy Paws food, including DL methionine, helps to limit the amount of ammonia produced. 

Free radicals and wheat cause:

Paw Chewing 


Poor Skin

The anti-oxidants, vitamins C and E included in Healthy Paws food helps to protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage.  Single source protein such as lamb helps dogs which have developed a food intolerance.

Preservatives cause:


Poor digestion as a result of poor ingredients or over-feeding causes:

Stools hard at the beginning, soft at the end – too much food

Picky Eating




Scooting – loose stool

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