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The new year is a perfect time for not only you, but for your dog to make a change for the better. It's a fresh and a new, healthy start for many. Especially after all that delicious food consumed over the Christmas and New Year period- there no doubt has been a few extra calories consumed by our pooches!

Just like it's important for us human to stay healthy and in shape, it's just as important for our dogs to stay trim, maintain their weight and stay in an all round healthy condition. In this blog, I'm going to share some tips on how to help your dog lose some weight and maintain a healthy, well balanced diet and lifestyle.

4 ways to keep your dog in shape

  1. Swap unhealthy treats for healthy treats

    It's no secret that dogs love treats and will probably do anything to get one! So why not swap their no so healthy treats to fruit or vegetables. Dog can eat a lot of different types of fruit and veg- but be careful there are some that can be highly toxic for them. Make sure you give these to your dog in moderation and take into consideration their daily food intake. To find out more about what fruits and vegetables are and are not safe for your dog, read this blog from PDSA Safe fruit and veg for dogs - PDSA

  2. Exercise more

    It's absolutely vital that you take your dog on at least one walk a day, for some bigger breeds of dogs, they may need several walks a day. Taking your dog on walks is not only a great way for them to exercise, but a great way for them to explore and have fun! Also allow your dog to have plenty of playtime, whether that be a run around in the garden or some indoor playtime.

  3. Active toys and games

    Buying your dog a toy that they can be active with and will encourage them to move and run around more is another great way to encourage exercise and helping them overall keep fit. These toys can be anything from a throw ball, to a bone. Making dogs work for their food and treats in sniff out games and challenges is another fab way to not only keep their bodies active, but also their minds.

  4. Feeding them a premium healthy diet

    Healthy Paws premium dog food is make from a variety of wholesome, natural ingredients that all have a real benefit to the well being of your dog. All of our recipes do not contain any wheat, wheat gluten, beef, soya or any other ingredients associated with allergies or intolerances.

Our premium dog food recipes contain rice which is a great carbohydrate source. This is brilliant for keeping your dog's hunger at bay for longer. As well as oats which is high in fibre meaning it keeps your dog fuller, for longer! This will prevent them from wanting more food, especially unhealthy snacks and treats. As well as a special mixture of fruits and vegetables which are all round a healthy addition for our pooches.

As dogs get older, it can be a little more difficult for them to keep in shape. This is because as they become older, they become more tired and less active. Due to doing less exercise, they need a diet which will help them to maintain their healthy lifestyle and diet. Healthy Paws senior dog food has a reduced amount of fat content. It has increased low GI ingredients to help keep them fuller for longer meaning they won't need to eat as much throughout the day, keeping calories and weight down.

Why is it important to keep your dog healthy?

Keeping a dog fit and healthy has the same importance and benefits as keeping yourself fit and healthy. A huge 51% of dogs in the UK are obese, and this just isn't right, or fair on our dogs. Having a healthy dog means they will lead a much happier and healthier life short and long term. Making sure your dog is healthy from just a puppy will mean they will enjoy exercise, be happier, stay stronger and build a strong immune system for their life ahead.

If your dog is obese or overweight they are at a much greater risk of having health problems such as heart/back problems, arthritis, problems with breathing and in some more serious cases even cancer or heart stroke. For you as a dog paw-rent it can be horrible to see your dog in pain and can lead to hefty veterinary bills.