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Leo is a male Staffordshire bull terrier who developed terrible sores and lumps around his face and neck.  Janine, his owner, took him to the vets who couldn't really determine what the problem was, but prescribed antibiotics and a steroid injection.  These treatments had no effect, so Janine took him back and the vet suggested that he should be booked in for an operation to explore whether it was due to something in his throat.  The quote for the operation was £1,000 so Janine didn't make the decision immediately, but called a friend who had been in the pet business for a long time.


Leo, with terrible sores on his face

The friend recommended that Leo come into Natural World in Syston, Leicestershire for one of their experts to take a look.  Years of experience suggested that this could well be a nutrition issue and Janine was recommended to switch Leo's food to Healthy Paws immediately.  The improvement was instant and within two to three weeks the growths and sores on Leo's face had cleared up completely.


Leo looking much happier

"We have never looked back, Leo is so much happier and healthier and his coat is beautiful."  Janine Upton

Close up of Leo's face looking great!

Thanks to changing his diet to Healthy Paws, Leo's face has regained its former beauty!