We know all of the ingredients used in our food are excellent, but there is no greater test than the wet nose and wagging tail of our doggy friends so we undertook extensive food trials not only with work colleagues, friends and family but also independent kennels.  The results simply reinforced our confidence in the food with a 91% palatability score.  A common score for this test is around 80% so we have no doubts that your dog will love Healthy Paws.


Mr Dawson has a Bulldog cross Rottweiler and following the trial he said ‘paw licking and scratching has stopped.’

Mr Mowbay was amazed at how little he needed to feed and would definitely continue to feed and recommend Healthy Paws.

Sally noticed an improvement in the coat of her Sprocker after just a week.

Miss Chambers and Albert the Dogue de Bordeaux loved the flavour and noticed a vast improvement in Albert’s doggy breath!

Beth’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel preferred Healthy Paws to his normal food and Beth also said ‘eye staining not as bad, dandruff also decreased’  so a happy 12 year old Spaniel.


These are just a few of the comments we received following and during the food trials; we would love to hear from you our new and existing customers as to how your dog responds to our new diets, so please do get in touch or leave us a message on our Facebook page