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Has your dog, like us indulged a little too much over the festive period?

The new year is the perfect time for us all, including our pets, to look at our health and wellbeing.

Healthy Paws dog food provides the perfect natural, hypoallergenic diet for dogs using the finest natural ingredients. All of our recipes contain the vital natural ingredients to help overweight dogs, getting them back to a fit and healthy weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Paws dog food contains natural ingredients to keep hunger at bay for longer. Our nutritionists work exceptionally hard making sure that all of Healthy Paw’s recipes are wholesome and have a dog’s health and wellbeing at the forefront.

  • Oats - these are a great carbohydrate source that is slightly different to rice. Oats provide a slower release of energy and allows the whole meal to be digested slower. This minimises the peaks and troughs that sometimes occur after a meal
  • Rice - this ingredient is a great source of fibre which helps to keep the dog fuller for longer

Did you know vets estimate that nearly half of dogs in the UK are overweight*. Being obese puts your dog at a greater risk of health problems and can even reduce how long they live for, plus other health implications such as arthritis, back problems, ligament problems, breathing problems and in some more serious cases, cancer or heart stroke. (If you’re worried about your dog, please speak to your vet.)

Statistics from


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Healthy Paws is helping you to take control of your dog’s weight and exercise. We’re giving away 250 FREE bags of dog food AND a toy for fun time exercise. Use the code: HEALTHYDOG when ordering any 2kg Healthy Paws dog food.

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Do you know what is in your dog’s food? Dogs can be highly intolerant to wheat, wheat gluten, beef soya and dairy products. Our nutritionists have worked really hard to develop a range of dog food that contains not only wholesome natural ingredients but ingredients that have a real benefit to the wellbeing of your dog. All of our recipes are hypoallergenic and only use natural ingredients with ethical provenance. Proving the provenance of all our ingredients is of paramount importance to us as a Company and is something we are proud of.

Quality over Quantity

Did you know that you can feed an average sized dog on just 70p per day using Healthy Paws dog food. All our ingredients and recipes are highly nutritious and contain no harmful or poor quality ingredients. Healthy Paws dog food has a real benefit to a dog’s health and wellbeing. Every dog is different and needs extra care and attention in certain areas. You can check out the many benefits Healthy Paws dog food has by clicking here.